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Six take-aways from Canada’s student smoking survey

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This past week Health Canada released the results of the most recent Canadian Student, Alcohol and Tobacco Survey, with data collected in selected schools across [...]

Consider the Consequences of Vaping Self-led Module

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Health Canada is pleased to offer a Consider the Consequences of Vaping self-led module to help and support educators in engaging with youth on vaping. This [...]

Report: There are now 100 universities/colleges in Canada with 100% smoke-free campuses

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The Canadian Cancer Society report University and College 100% Smoke-Free Campuses in Canada: National Status Report indicates that there are now 100 universities and colleges in [...]

Youth vaping prevention resources

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Pilot project seeks community-driven solutions to substance use among youth

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SAINT JOHN (GNB) – A pilot project is being launched to help communities find ways to reduce substance use among youth. The five-year project [...]

The Canadian Cancer Society and New Brunswick students urge government action to curb youth vaping

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Saint John, New Brunswick – The Canadian Cancer Society released a new video campaign today (see here), with a clear message for all members [...]

Quash project, Lung Health Foundation

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Please find attached an overview of the “Quash” project from the Lung Health Foundation (LHF). “Quash” is a behaviour change program, featuring an app [...]

New Webinar – Youth Mental Health & Vaping: Messaging Strategies for Converging Crises

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In our upcoming complimentary webinar, experts will discuss evidence-based communications strategies for disassociating vaping as a mental health benefit and empowering teens to see [...]

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