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Federal Tobacco Tax Inflationary Increase of 46 cents Per Carton Takes Effect April 1

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As of April 1, 2020, federal tobacco taxes will increase by $0.46 cents per carton of 200 cigarettes, and $0.29 per 200 roll-your-own cigarettes. [...]

COVID-19 and Smoking: A Systematic Review of the Evidence

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A systematic review of studies on COVID-19 that included information on patients’ smoking status to evaluate the association between smoking and COVID-19 outcomes including [...]

Covid-19: The role of smoking cessation during respiratory virus epidemics

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In addition to the health benefits of stopping smoking, it is plausible that a spike in quit rates could help reduce community transmission of [...]

Dr. Graham Warren Presentation Video: The Importance of Smoking Cessation in Cancer Care – 2019

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Dr. Graham Warren, radiation oncologist at Medical University of South Carolina and Expert Advisor, Tobacco Cessation, to the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC), presented [...]

Global report on trends in prevalence of tobacco use 2000-2025 – World Health Organization

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Progress in reducing tobacco use is a key indicator for measuring countries’ efforts to implement the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Countries have [...]

Webinar slides: Leading practices in smoking cessation for cancer patients – Canadian Partnership Against Cancer – 2018

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Learn more about current and leading practices across Canada and abroad to help cancer patients quit smoking. From the Partnership’s webinar in October 2018, [...]

Leading Practices in Smoking Cessation for Persons Living with Mental Illnesses and/or Addictions – Canadian Partnership Against Cancer – 2019

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Review results about Canadian smoking cessation programs for people living with mental illness(es) and/or addiction, now with data from 2018 to 2019. The next [...]

Leading practices in clinical smoking cessation – Canadian Partnership Against Cancer – 2019

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Review results about Canadian clinical smoking cessation approaches, now with data from 2018 to 2019 The next update for these results is planned for [...]

Key cost estimates on cancer treatment and smoking cessation in Canada – Canadian Partnership Against Cancer – 2017

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Use these cost estimates to guide decisions about programs and policies to help patients with cancer quit smoking during treatment. Website [...]

Coverage of smoking cessation aids in Canada – Canadian Partnership Against Cancer – 2019

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Learn about federal, provincial and territorial government coverage of free or lower cost smoking cessation aids, including eligibility requirements, and which health care providers [...]