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University of New Brunswick campuses going smoke-free in Fall 2022

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The largest university in New Brunswick has announced that its campuses will go smoke-free starting in the fall of 2022. Learn More [...]

As pandemic forces change, it’s a good time for Canadians to quit smoking

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There’s no shortage of debate on who gets very sick from the virus, and who doesn’t. It is clear that we must do a [...]

The Canadian Cancer Society has released an update to the report, University and College 100% Smoke-Free Campuses in Canada: National Status Report

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Excellent resource explaining and demonstrating the benefits of a 100% smoke-free campus policy. This report presents a list of all colleges and universities with [...]

Tobacco-Free Schools Action Guide – New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition, Canadian Cancer Society and Health Canada – 2006

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The tobacco-free schools initiative uses a comprehensive school health approach to prevent and reduce youth tobacco use by changing the school environment through programs, [...]

Live Free of Second-Hand Smoke – Tips for Home, Car, Work and Outdoors – Canadian Cancer Society – 2014

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This brochure gives you the facts about how second-hand smoke affects you at home, in a car, at work and outdoors. You’ll find tips [...]

Second-Hand Marijuana Smoke: Health Effects of Exposure – Non-Smokers’ Rights Association – 2016

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Concern about exposure to second-hand marijuana smoke is an emerging issue—the Smoking and Health Action Foundation (SHAF) has noted a steady increase in enquiries [...]

Cannabis Talk Kit – Know How to Talk with Your Teen – DrugFreeKidsCanada.org – 2017

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This talk kit aims to help families navigate through a changing cannabis landscape—one that includes new policies like legalization and regulation, as well as [...]

Cannabis in Canada – Government of Canada – 2018

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About cannabis, process of legalization, health effects, addiction, medical use, applying for industry licenses, consumer information, market data, travelling with cannabis, talk about cannabis, [...]

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