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Federal Tobacco Tax Inflationary Increase of 46 cents Per Carton Takes Effect April 1

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As of April 1, 2020, federal tobacco taxes will increase by $0.46 cents per carton of 200 cigarettes, and $0.29 per 200 roll-your-own cigarettes. [...]

COVID, youth, and substance use: Critical messages for youth and families

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The Canadian Pediatric Society has published a new article that encourages pediatricians and other health professionals who work with youth and families to communicate [...]

WHO Announces Smoking Can Increase Your Chances of Getting Covid-19

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Using tobacco products can increase your chance of getting COVID-19. Bringing your hands to your mouth can transfer the virus into your body. Sharing [...]

New legislation for PEI now in effect

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In PEI, new legislation establishing age 21 for tobacco and e-cigarettes, and requiring e-cigarette sales to be in specialty stores only, came into effect [...]

COVID-19 and Smoking: A Systematic Review of the Evidence

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A systematic review of studies on COVID-19 that included information on patients’ smoking status to evaluate the association between smoking and COVID-19 outcomes including [...]

Health Canada’s Departmental Plan for 2020-21

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Health Canada will advance implementation of Canada's Tobacco Strategy, a modernized approach for successful tobacco control with the goal of achieving the target of [...]

Research on Electronic Cigarettes: Advertising and Promotion – Ontario Tobacco Research Unit (OTRU) – 2020

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Report on recent findings, centred on advertising and promotion, from the OTRU's Research on E-Cigarette and Waterpipe Health System Research Fund project. As part [...]

Flavoured Vapes Hooks Kids Campaign – Lung Association and Heart & Stroke Foundation – 2020

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The Canadian Lung Association and Heart & Stroke created a uniquely flavoured ice cream to warn parents about the dangers of vaping. In its [...]

Vape-Free Schools Campaign – Anglophone South School District (New Brunswick) – 2019

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Developed by the Anglophone South School District, this kit includes: Letter to High School Parents Communications Kit Vaping Mini-Lessons (Powerpoint) Contact Joyce Walker Haley [...]

Vaping Prevention Toolkit – PEI Lung Association – 2020

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Vaping education toolkit: -Vaping Products Information for Families -Vaping Products Information for Educators -Vaping Products Information for Coaches -Help Quitting Website [...]