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Mental Fitness – New Brunswick Department of Social Development

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Mental fitness refers to a state of psychosocial well-being, it means having a positive sense of how we feel, think, and act, which improves [...]

Second-hand smoke gets into your eyes (and lungs): Second-hand smoke – Canadian Veterinary Medical Association – 2017

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Facts about the negative effects of second-hand smoke exposure among domestic animas. Website

Brochure – Second-Hand Smoke – New Brunswick Lung Association

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Two-thirds of the smoke produced by tobacco spreads into the ambient air. Anyone within close range of an active smoker cannot help but breathe [...]

Make Your Home and Car Smoke-Free: Information for Youth – Health Canada – 2015

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Are you concerned that your parents smoke inside your home or family car? This guide is intended to help you get rid of second-hand [...]

Second-Hand Smoke Affects Them Too. Your Beloved Pet is Another Reason to Live Tobacco-Free! – New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition – 2017

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Explores the dangers of tobacco and vaping products in the home with regards to the safety and well-being of domestic animals. [...]

Third-Hand Smoke – New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition – 2016

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Infographic. Third-hand smoke refers to the toxic chemicals in smoke that remain trapped in such things as hair, skin, carpet, furniture and toys long [...]

Smoke-Free Housing Month – New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition – 2016

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Infographic. June is smoke-free housing month! Some facts about the dangers of second smoke and the benefits of smoke-free homes. PDF [...]

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