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Smoke-Free Environments – Colleges and Universities

Despite the relative decline of smoking rates in Canada, smoking among young adults aged 20-24 remains higher than any other age demographic. Policies for 100% smoke-free campuses not only provide protection from second-hand smoke, but also discourage tobacco and cannabis use among young people. (Source: University and College 100% Smoke-Free Campuses in Canada – Canadian Cancer Society)

Currently, all elementary, middle and high schools in New Brunswick (K-12) are required by the New Brunswick Smoke-Free Places Act to be 100% smoke-free (inside as well as outside – on all school grounds). Universities, colleges and private post-secondary institutions are not. They are only required by law to have a smoke-free policy indoors and to enforce a smoking and vaping ban on outdoor areas already designated smoke-free by the New Brunswick Smoke-Free Places Act (for example, 9m from doorways, windows and air intakes of buildings that are for public use).

Until this changes, the New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition (NBATC) encourages post-secondary institutions to be Wellness Champions by developing and implementing their own comprehensive smoke-free campus policy.

There are many benefits to making your campus smoke-free:

Important aspects of your comprehensive 100% smoke-free campus policy to consider:

  • NO designated smoking and vaping areas. You must leave the campus grounds to smoke or vape.
  • Prohibited to smoke AND vape ALL substances – tobacco, cannabis, e-liquids for vapes, etc.
  • Signage all over campus as well as inside campus buildings indicating that it is a 100% smoke-free environment.
  • Education and awareness for students, staff and visitors about the benefits of such a policy.
  • Offer support to people who smoke – students and employees – to manage their nicotine cravings while on campus (have nicotine replacement therapies available).
  • Support those who want to quit (free help and advice, cover access to smoking cessation drugs).
  • Have guidelines in place to enforce the policy (how to handle people who do not respect it).
  • Think of positive ways to support adherence to the policy (positive key messaging, contests, etc.).
    (Source: Be part of the Wellness Movement with a Smoke-Free Campus – NBATC – 2019)

Encouraging and supporting the adoption of 100% smoke-free policies on all New Brunswick post-secondary campuses has been identified as a priority in New Brunswick’s Tobacco-Free Living Strategy (2019-2023). We are committed to helping post-secondary institutions administrators, faculty, staff, students, and volunteers work towards this objective. Contact us for help and support!

Legislation & Policies

See our Smoke-Free Environments page for the complete list of all designated smoke-free spaces required by law in New Brunswick.

Reporting Smoking and Vaping Violations

See our Smoke-Free Environments page.


See our Smoke-Free Environments page for information on signage requirements, as well as downloadable signs and templates.

Campuses that go 100% smoke-free can also find resources to make their own signs by visiting these websites:

Dangers of Exposure to Second and Third-Hand Smoke

See our Smoke-Free Environments page for information on the importance of smoke-free environments and the dangers of second and third-hand smoke – in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Of particular interest:

Resources – Making Campuses Smoke-Free

Be Part of The Wellness Movement with a Smoke-Free Campus! The NBATC Can Help! – New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition – 2019

Presentation encouraging New Brunswick campuses to adopt comprehensive 100% smoke-free environment policies.

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Leave the Pack Behind

Leave The Pack Behind is a tobacco control program that offers young adults smoking and quitting information, personalized support, and quitting resources – all for free. It is funded by the government of Ontario.

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Smoke-free campus policies that make it easier for people to resist and quit smoking can have a tremendous impact on the health of an entire campus community! This website presents tools and resources, including a guidebook, that Canadian post-secondary institutions can use to develop and implement their own smoke-free policies and strategies.

  • DropBox ToolBox –
    The Dropbox houses the Smoke-Free Campus guidebook, policy tools (e.g. a sample comprehensive smoke-free policy template), key research articles, and resources shared by health units and universities/colleges who have implemented 100% SF policies. Although this work was developed with Ontario campuses in mind, much of it is transferable and all Canadian post-secondary institutions are invited to download and use these free resources.
  • Making Campuses Smoke-Free: A Guide to Action
    The Making Campuses Smoke-Free Guide outlines what a smoke-free campus can look like and summarizes four key messages about smoking on campus to support and encourage students and stakeholders to become leaders in these efforts.
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The Canadian Cancer Society has released an update to the report, University and College 100% Smoke-Free Campuses in Canada: National Status Report

Excellent resource explaining and demonstrating the benefits of a 100% smoke-free campus policy. This report presents a list of all colleges and universities with a smoke-free policy and includes links to examples of smoke-free policies from different post-secondary institutions in Canada.


The Wellness Movement – Tools for Partners

A number of tools were created to make it easy to align your messaging and promotional materials with those of The Wellness Movement. They are designed to be customized to fit your needs and have a professional look and feel, whether it be sharable visuals for social media, promotional tools to help promote your Wellness Week events, or kits to help you create or enhance various types of wellness-supporting environments.

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The Wellness Movement – Wellness Week

Each year, Wellness Week (October 1st to 7th) provides an opportunity to recognize everyone’s efforts in promoting wellness and growing The Wellness Movement in New Brunswick. Plan an event to celebrate! This toolkit provides information, ideas and tools to help you get started, or enhance your existing planning efforts.


Tobacco-Free Campus Guide – Non-Smokers’ Rights Association – 2011

A guide to support the creation or improvement of tobacco-free measures at Canadian post-secondary schools

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UNB goes smoke-free in September 2022

UNB is deeply committed to the health and wellbeing of our students, staff, faculty and the communities we serve. Therefore, effective Sept. 1, 2022, UNB campuses and the Moncton site will be smoke-free.

Learn More

University and College 100% Smoke-Free Campuses in Canada – Canadian Cancer Society – November 2019

Excellent resource explaining and demonstrating the benefits of a 100% smoke-free campus policy. This report presents a list of all colleges and universities with a smoke-free policy and includes links to examples of smoke-free policies from different post-secondary institutions in Canada.

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University of New Brunswick campuses going smoke-free in Fall 2022

The largest university in New Brunswick has announced that its campuses will go smoke-free starting in the fall of 2022.

Learn More

Webinar: “Implementing a Smoke-Free Policy on Post-Secondary Campuses” – New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition – 2018

With Heather McCully, Health Promotion Specialist, City of Hamilton. Heather supported McMaster University’s groundbreaking 100% Tobacco & Smoke-Free Policy as well as the policy process at Hamilton’s other campuses. 

Additional mentioned resources:

Student-led Evaluation of the McMaster University Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campus Policy (online) 

Keynote Speaker
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Webinar: “Mise en oeuvre d’une politique sans fumée sur les campus d’établissements postsecondaires” – New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition – 2018 (AVAILABLE ONLY IN FRENCH)

With François Boutot, CCNB Edmundston Campus Director. The CCNB Edmundston campus is the first post-secondary institution campus in New Brunswick to implement a 100% smoke-free environment policy.

Presentation – Keynote speaker

Resources – Integrating Smoking Cessation in Campus Smoke-Free Policies

Contact us for resources and help on creating a comprehensive smoke-free policy on your campus, which includes smoking cessation support for students, faculty, and staff who smoke or use vaping products.

Visit our Quit Smoking – Youth and Young Adults page for a list of available free quit smoking resources for students.

Visit our Quit Smoking – Adults page for a list of available free quit smoking resources for faculty and staff.

Funding & Grants

Funding and grants available for tobacco and vaping product use prevention, integrating smoking cessation in your campus as well as making your campus smoke-free are listed on our Funding & Grants page. For example, the CCNB Edmundston campus took advantage of a Take Action Against Tobacco Use (TATU) grant to create signs and public education materials for its smoke-free campuses. Their story, as well as other inspiring stories related to TATU grant projects, are listed on this page as well.

Learning Opportunities – Smoke-Free Environments

Are you a campus administrator, student leader, health care professional, or policymaker? Recommended resources to consult are listed on our Smoke-Free Environments page for you to learn more about:

  • statistics on smoking rates and exposure to second-hand and third-hand smoke;
  • public health information regarding the risks of smoking and vaping; and
  • aligning your efforts with those already underway nationally and provincially.

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