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Education and Prevention Resources for Seniors

Smoking, Vaping and Tobacco – Health Canada

Learn about vaping, tobacco products, effects of smoking, second-hand smoke, prevention and quitting.


The Wellness Movement – Connect with Wellness in your Region

The Wellness Movement’s regional webpages make it easy to connect with your local Wellness Networks, and stay informed about wellness initiatives happening near you. You’ll find event calendars, resources, information, tools, photos, and inspiring stories, as well as a list of Regional Wellness Networks in your area.


The Wellness Movement – Seniors

The Wellness Movement for seniors is growing in New Brunswick! This web page connects you with local wellness groups, tools and resources catered to and designed for seniors’ wellness.


The Wellness Movement – Wellness Tip Card – Tobacco-Free Living – 2019

A tip card about tobacco-free living, one of the focus areas of The Wellness Movement.


Reports and Statistics – Tobacco and Vaping Products Use & Exposure to Second-Hand Smoke

Achieving Tobacco-Free Living: A Priority in New Brunswick – New Brunswick Health Council – 2017

This infographic presents key statistics related to tobacco use in New Brunswick, including regional data. 


Canadian Tobacco and Nicotine Survey 2019 – Statistics Canada – 2020d

Vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling vapour produced by a device such as an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette), vape mod, vaporizer or vape pen.

While some use these devices to curtail or to quit smoking, vaping can also have negative effects, particularly among youth. According to Health Canada, the majority of vaping products contain nicotine, and vaping can lead to nicotine addiction. Vaping may also increase the risk of exposure to other harmful chemicals.

For the first time, Statistics Canada has collected detailed information about vaping. The new Canadian Tobacco and Nicotine Survey aims to shed light on the types of products Canadians are using, how often they are vaping and their reasons for doing so.


Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey (CTADS) – Statistics Canada (2017)

General population survey of tobacco, alcohol and drug use among Canadians aged 15 years and older conducted by Statistics Canada on behalf of Health Canada. This national survey provides valuable information to inform approaches to addressing complex health and social issues such as the problematic use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs, including opioids and cannabis.

As of 2019, information on tobacco and vaping product use in the Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey (CTADS) has been discontinued and replaced by the Canadian Tobacco & Nicotine and Drugs Survey.

Previous years

Health Characteristics, Annual Estimates (2018): Smoking – Statistics Canada – 2018

Statistics updated yearly. National and provincial data estimates for:

  • Current smoker, daily or occasional
  • Current smoker, daily

Broken down by age group and sex.


My Community at a Glance – New Brunswick Health Council – 2017

The goal of these community profiles, published by the New Brunswick Health Council, is to empower individuals with information about their community to stimulate interest in building healthier communities. The information in each profile (including tobacco use) gives a comprehensive view about the people who live, learn, work, and take part in community life. 33 New Brunswick Community Profile Reports were released in 2017.


New Brunswick Population Health Data – New Brunswick Health Council

The New Brunswick Health Council (NBHC) was created by legislation in 2008 to report publicly on the performance of the provincial health system and to engage citizens in the improvement of health services quality. All the latest population health data for the province is available on its website.

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Funding & Grants

Funding and grants available to lead tobacco and vaping product education and prevention projects are listed on our Funding & Grants page.

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