Partners – The Wellness Movement

“Wellness goes beyond the individual choices we make. It happens when the people and places around us, support us. When we work together to make healthy choices more available, accessible and desirable, they become, with time, the natural choice, every time.”

What is The Wellness Movement?

The Wellness Movement is an ongoing effort in New Brunswick to inspire and support the creation of wellness-supporting environments that benefit all New Brunswickers.

The Wellness Movement supports, connects, and celebrates all New Brunswickers – individuals, families, community groups, schools and workplaces – working on enhancing one or more aspect of wellness, such as tobacco and smoke-free living.

The Wellness Movement website profiles community stories and directs stakeholders and New Brunswickers to tools and resources to help them, their family, community groups, schools and workplaces take the next step on their path to wellness.

Be a Wellness Champion on Social Media!

The NBATC’s Role in The Wellness Movement

The New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition (NBATC) is proud to champion wellness in New Brunswick through the promotion and support of supportive environments for tobacco and smoke-free living. We facilitate collaboration and build capacity so that stakeholders, partners and individuals in communities across the province can work towards achieving the goals and objectives set out in New Brunswick’s Tobacco-Free Living Strategy.

Everyone in New Brunswick can be a champion! Together, we can work towards the vision of a tobacco and smoke-free province for everyone! Coordinated actions contribute to the development of healthier communities, workplaces, schools, homes, and individuals. By pooling our resources, expertise, knowledge and experience, we can make positive changes.

Ready to become a Wellness Champion by taking concrete actions related to tobacco and smoke-free living? Here are some great places to start!

  • Visit our Resources Library for resources as well as our Champion stories for inspiration.
  • A great way to show your commitment to fostering supportive environments for tobacco-free and smoke-free living in New Brunswick is to participate in our social media engagement activity. Write down an action item that you, your group, school or workplace can take to help make New Brunswick tobacco and smoke-free for all. Take a photo and upload it to social media. Use hash tags #TobaccoAndSmokeFree #ForAll and #WellnessLivesHere. We will be able to find your post and share it!

The Wellness Movement Partners’ Network

The New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition (NBATC) works in collaboration with all these partners in The Wellness Movement to reach as many New Brunswickers as possible and get them to become Wellness Champions not only for themselves and their families, but also for their communities! We encourage you to visit these websites for more information on the great work our partners are doing to inspire and foster wellness supportive environments in communities throughout New Brunswick.