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Let’s Work Together – Fuding & Grants

Grants Available in New Brunswick

Micro-Grants for Cannabis or Vaping Public Education – Health Canada

Micro-grants are offered up to $1,000 to support public education about the health effects of cannabis and/or the risks of vaping.

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School Wellness Grants – New Brunswick Department of Social Development (Wellness Branch)

These grants provide financial resources to schools to support the implementation of Comprehensive School Health (CSH) approaches to increase mental fitness, healthy eating, physical activity and tobacco-free living among their students and within their community.


Take Action Against Tobacco Use (TATU) Grants – New Brunswick Department of Social Development (Wellness Branch)

Grants up to $5,000 to support community-led initiatives to increase tobacco-free living and strengthen community action with an emphasis on youth-led initiatives, partnerships and comprehensive actions.


Success Stories

The New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition (NBATC) love sharing success stories from individuals and organizations!

Here are some Take Action on Tobacco Use (TATU) Grant success stories we have published over the years to inspire you.

A group effort at school and in the community: the success story of Fundy High School

Sarah Morgan-Lee is a science and math teacher at Fundy High School. She also works with the school's Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) group. "Our name is our mission," she said. The group consists of 20 students, ranging from grades 9 to 12, as well as different members of the school's staff and professional health practitioners. Their goal is to promote and support tobacco-free living at school and in the community. After an extracurricular fair last fall where the different groups of the school were promoted, Sarah says the interest in SWAT was instant. "The kids want information, but [...]

Bonar Law Memorial High School’s Teens Against Tobacco Use Club Uses Engaging Peer-Lead Outreach to Help Its Student Population Be Smoke-Free.

Bonar Law Memorial High School’s (Rexton, New Brunswick) It’s Quitting Time project has got its grade 9 through 12 Teens Against Tobacco Use Club members coming up with creative ways to get their peers to adopt healthy smoke-free lifestyles. “I used to be a smoker myself and have been a non-smoker for the past 22 years,” says club Chaperone and Community Schools Coordinator for Rexton Area Schools, Cheryl Warman. “I am well aware of how hard it is for the students to quit smoking once they start and get addicted, as well as how easy it is to be [...]

CCNB Edmundston Leads the Way in New Brunswick with Province’s First Smoke-Free Campus

The Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick (CCNB) Edmundston Campus became the first college campus in New Brunswick to implement a smoke-free environment policy in September 2017. Under New Brunswick’s Smoke-Free Places Act, all elementary, middle and high schools must have smoke-free grounds. Post-secondary institutions are not required to be completely smoke-free, but they must enforce a 9m smoke-free zone around all campus entrances. The CCNB Edmundston Campus is a great example of how universities and colleges can be proactive and implement their own smoke-free policy – thus keeping up with the public’s demand for healthier spaces and promoting health and [...]

Hampton High School Teacher Takes Comprehensive Approach to Rise in Youth Vaping

Hampton High School teacher Hardy Cameron initially saw vaping as a fad at his school like fidget spinners, but soon realized he couldn’t be more wrong. Within a short period of time, he noticed an increasing number of students vaping on school grounds, in bathrooms, and even on buses. When approached about their vaping activities students typically responded, “At least we’re not smoking.” Cameron admits he wasn’t fully aware of the potential dangers or contents of these newly popular vape products. Initially he believed they were just a mix of flavours and vaporized water and not much to be [...]

Harcourt School Empowers Its Young Students to Say No to Smoking and Second-Hand Smoke.

Kevin Scully is the principal at Harcourt School, a very small rural school in Kent County, New Brunswick with only 40 students from kindergarten through grade 5. Thanks to a Take Action Against Tobacco Use Grant offered by the New Brunswick Department of Social Development, Scully has been able to implement a tobacco-free living education initiative at his school that has empowered his young students to encourage their families to live healthier and tobacco-free lifestyles. “We felt like we had a problem to address in our community in regards to smoking,” says Scully. “We looked online at statistics and [...]

Information and life-skills to prevent smoking in children: the success story of the St. Joseph’s Community Health Centre

The St. Joseph's Community Health Centre in Saint John  Kathy London Anthony works as a community health nurse at the St. Joseph's Community Health Centre in Saint John. Inside St. Joseph's Hospital, a team of professionals, including family physicians, nurses and social workers offer a variety of services to resident in the area. "We meet the needs of our community, some of which are the most vulnerable people in the population," explains Kathy. On a day-to-day basis, Kathy explains that prevention is key to providing health care. "Every time we make contact with someone, we're one step closer of [...]

Let the students choose their path: the Ridgeview Middle School success story

The Ridgeview Middle School teaches 289 students from grades 6 to 8 in the Oromocto region. Wendy Carlisle, the school coordinator, with Julie Carr and Pat Kilfillen, two public health nurses, facilitate the school's first Middle School TATU Club, with the help of a Take Action Against Tobacco Use grant from the Department of Social Development. The group addresses a specific problem to this age group: decreasing the number of susceptible youth, that is those at risk for starting to smoke, even if there is a very low number of actual smokers within the student population. As seen in [...]

Smart Choices Centre Is the Place to Be for Students at Caledonia Regional High School – Reinforcing Healthy Tobacco-Free Habits.

Caledonia Regional High School teacher Benjamin Kelly and prinicipal Donna Godfrey. Caledonia Regional High School is a small secondary school in Hillsborough, New Brunswick, with approximately 310 students enrolled in grades 6 through 12. Set in a beautiful and rural setting, the school welcomes students from the communities of Hillsborough, Riverside-Albert and Alma in addition to all the communities from Stoney Creek to Fundy National Park. Like many rural schools, Caledonia Regional High School’s community has few entertainment options for its older students who are permitted to leave the school campus during lunchtime. The local gas station across the [...]

Smoke-Free, at School and in the Community: the Property Surrounding Cité des Jeunes A.-M. Sormany Goes 100% Smoke-Free!

For the 965 students, back-to-school was special this year at Cité des Jeunes A.-M. Sormany in Edmundston. Since September 1st, 2016, with the help of the Take Action on Tobacco Use Grant Program, the school launched the Un environnement sans fumée, à l'école et dans ma communauté (A smoke-free environment at school and in my community) program, which makes the school and neighbouring properties, including various sports and arts facilities, 100% smoke-free. "We started working towards this in September 2015," explains Éric Marquis, vice-principal of the school. The first step was to create a committee involving different members of [...]

Stop Smoking, Start Living! at Harvest House Atlantic

Denise McCluskey is the Development and Marketing Officer at Harvest House Atlantic in Moncton. The centre has been a staple of the city since 1997, offering an emergency homeless shelter, serving over 150 meals a day, and hosting several recovery and General Educational Development programs. Through a government program, the centre hired an employee to keep the location clean. Denise explains that no matter how well he cleaned the grounds, when she arrived to work in the morning, she found cigarette butts everywhere. "We encourage people not to smoke since we have an addictions recovery program, but we didn't [...]

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