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Tobacco Free Environments: Workplaces

New Brunswick Policy and Legislation

Smoke-Free Places Act
The Smoke-Free Places Act eliminates exposure to second-hand smoke where we work, learn and play, which helps protect our health, prevent smoking initiation by youth and prevents relapses in adults who are trying to or have already quit.

This legislation prohibits smoking and vaping (tobacco, cannabis, as well as any substance that produces smoke or second-hand smoke) in all enclosed public places, indoor workplaces, and school grounds, as well as in vehicles when a person under the age of 16 is present.

As of July 1, 2015, the Smoke-Free Places Act has expanded its reach to include many public outdoor settings.

Since September 15, 2017, peace officers and inspectors are able to issue tickets to individuals who smoke or vape in public places where smoking and vapping are banned.

For further information or to report a violation of the Smoke-Free Places Act, please call 1-866-234-4234. You can also learn more about the Smoke-Free Places Act here.

Smoking Shelter Guidelines 
This bulletin was issued by the New Brunswick Office of the Fire Marshall and provides guidelines that must be followed when constructing smoking shelters.



New Brunswick

Workplace Wellness New Brunswick
The Workplace Wellness Movement aims to help employers and employees become more aware of the workplace wellness resources that are available to make positive changes in their workplaces. 

Work to be Tobacco Free: Helping Employees Stop Smoking 
This resource is designed to support the collective action of both the employer and employee to create a supportive tobacco-free environment. It specifically highlights the contribution of Smokers’ Helpline to a workplace taking a comprehensive approach to cessation.

Smoking Cessation in the Workplace: A Guide to Helping Your Employees Stop Smoking
Successful implementation of a tobacco-free workplace environment means working with employees to help them quit smoking. This guide will walk you through the steps  and provide you with the tools to set up smoking cessation program/supports for your workplace.  A CD is included with this guide and contains PP Presentations for Employer/Union audiences. Presentations are available in animated and standard formats.

New Brunswick Workplace Wellness Community of Practice - Tobacco Free Living


Ontario Tobacco Research Unit's (OTRU) On-line Course
This course is comprised of four modules including one on protection which examines current information on second hand smoke, how it affects people’s health, and what is happening in Canada to create smoke free environments.

Live Free of Second-Hand Smoke - Tips for Home, Your Car, Work and Outdoors - Canadian Cancer Society (2014)

Towards a Healthier Workplace: A Guidebook to Tobacco Control Policies 
This Health Canada guidebook is designed to help employees and employers who are preparing to create or strengthen tobacco control policies in their workplaces.

Health Canada: Smoking Cessation in the Workplace: A Guide to Helping Your Employees Quit Smoking
A guide for employers and other who promote health in the workplace who want to help their employees quit smoking.

Workplace Tobacco Cessation Initiatives for Young Adults

Evaluation of the Workplace-based Cessation Demonstration Projects Initiative Volume 6 Number 1

Evaluation of the Workplace-based Cessation Demonstration Projects Initiative Volume 6 Number 2

Smoking Cessation and the Workplace - Webinar January 21st, 2015

Smoking Cessation and the Workplace - Presentation Slides

Legislation in New Brunswick 

Smoke-Free Places Act
New Brunswick's Smoke-Free Places Act prohibits smoking and vaping tobacco, cannabis and all other substances in all enclosed public places, indoor workplaces, school grounds, as well as in vehicles when a person under the age of 16 is present. Many public outdoor settings, including the following, also prohibit smoking and vaping as per the Act: 

  • On patios where food and/or alcohol is served and within 3m from the patio boundary;
  • 9m from doorways, windows and air intakes of buildings that are for public use;
  • In outdoor playgrounds and within 20m of their perimeters (examples include outdoor slides, swings, climbing structures, splash pads, wading pools, sand boxes);
  • On outdoor sports and recreational areas and within 20m of their perimeters (examples include outdoor tennis courts, baseball fields, soccer fields, swimming pools, beaches, skateboard parks, skating rinks, etc., and their spectator stands);
  • On a public walking trail and within 9m of the trail;
  • In provincial parks (except in designated smoking areas and on an occupied campsite); and
  • On the grounds of regional health authorities (hospitals, health clinics, etc.).

A toll-free number is provided to report violations of the Smoke-Free Places Act and to obtain additional information on this legislation: 1-866-234-4234. 

New Brunswick's Cannabis Control Act controls the consumption and use of retail cannabis. It establishes the legal age for the purchase, consumption and cultivation of cannabis at 19 and outlines general restrictions on consumption and possession. Under the Cannabis Control Act, the only legal place to consume retail cannabis in New Brunswick is in a private dwelling or in the land adjacent to the private dwelling (in your home or in your backyard). Consuming retail cannabis in public is prohibited. It is also illegal to consume cannabis in a vehicle and to drive under the influence of cannabis. Note that medical cannabis can be smoked or vaped in public anywhere not prohibited by the New Brunswick Smoke-free Places Act).


Reporting Smoking and Vaping Violations in New Brunswick

Smoking and/or vaping tobacco, cannabis, and any other substance in public places that are designated as smoke-free by the Smoke-Free Places Act can be reported to the Smoke-Free Places Act Information Line. The Smoke-Free Places Act Information Line toll-free number is 1-866-234-4234.
For other complaints concerning cannabis, such as smoking it in a public place that is not already designated as smoke-free, or illegal sale or possession of cannabis, New Brunswickers are instructed to contact their local police detachment. 
More information here. 

Logos and Sample Signage 

New Brunswick Smoke-Free Places Act Official No-Smoking/No Vaping Signs
Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health - Public Health (2015)


Welcome to our Smoke and Tobacco-Free Environment 
New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition (2019)
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New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition (2015)

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New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition (2015)

Welcome to our Smoke-Free Event Sign (with space to write in your event name)(PDF JPG)
New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition (2015)

Welcome to our Smoke-Free Event Banner (with space to write in your event name)(PDF JPG)
New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition (2015)

Designated Smoking Area Sign (PDF JPG)
New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition (2015)

Smoke-Free Logo (JPG
New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition (2015)
Note: "Smoke-Free" logo design by Diane Laughter. The NBATC has been granted permission to use this logo and to share it with you so that you may use this logo to promote and educate the public about your smoke-free event.