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Help to Quit: Smokers' Helpline

Telephone Service 1-877-513-5333 

The Smokers’ Helpline is a toll-free evidence-based smoking cessation service.  The Helpline offers information, advice, and support to smokers who: want to quit, may be thinking of quitting, have quit and need support, or enjoy smoking and do not want to quit.  The Helpline also offers information, advice, and support to those who want to help a smoker.

To reach the New Brunswick Smokers' Helpline dial the toll-free number


Smokers’ Helpline Video

Want to learn more? This video demystifies what a smokers’ helpline does, what happens when someone calls and explains the science and efficacy of a helpline.

Online Service

Smokers’ Helpline Online offers many tips and tools that help users understand their tobacco behaviour. Interactive tools include the Quit Centre, Quit Meter and Quit Buddies. Users can set milestones to guide them through the quitting process, allowing them to customize the quit program to suit their needs. They will have personalized progress tracking of the financial and health gains of quitting smoking. They will also be able to connect with a community of quitters through an instant messaging service designed to offer peer support.

Fax Referral Service 

The Smokers’ Helpline Fax Referral service captures what matters most to tobacco users; support, motivation, and understanding. As a health professional all you need to do is invest the time to identify patients interested in receiving telephone counseling from the Smokers' Helpline. If they express an interest in quitting then you and your patient complete a fax referral form, you fax it to the Smokers' Helpline and the rest is in the hands of the Smokers' Helpline. Quit coaches will assess individual needs, listen to patient’s concerns and provide information on how to develop a quit plan, and cope with withdrawal symptoms, slips and relapses. Free one-to-one services are provided in both English and French.

The revised Smokers’ Helpline Fax Referral form now provides more information regarding the health professional as well as the client. Key to the success of the Smokers’ Helpline Fax Referral Service is the permission of the client for the quit coaches to contact you should there be any questions concerning the client’s needs.
The New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition and the Canadian Cancer Society, NB Division offer the Smokers’ Helpline to all residents of New Brunswick.

SHL Fax Referral Service Provider Information

SHL Fax Referral Form



Smokers’ Helpline Resources 

A variety of Smokers’ Helpline resources are available for you to order. Please contact to place your order. To preview or download these resources, please click on the links below.

Personalized Quit Plan Tear Off Pad
Posters - It's Never Too Late to Stop Smoking
(Electronic format only)
SHL Fax Referral Reminder Cards
SHL Fax Referral Form
SHL Fax Referral Service Provider Information