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Podcasts are like radio shows but they can be listened to on your schedule - whenever you want! Many people like to listen to podcasts while out for a walk or on their daily commute to work in the car or bus. Podcasts are a great way to access information and learn new things. They are also fun to listen to just for entertainment. Once you download a podcast, you can either listen to it on your computer or take it with you by transferring it to a portable digital media player or using a podcast app on your phone. 
Here are some great podcasts featuring educational content on the tobacco issue: 
Tobacco and Heart Health - HEPAC Q&A Podcast (Canada) 
The NBATC and the Heart & Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick talk about the effects of tobacco on your heart's health as well as what you can do to promote tobacco-free living in New Brunswick during this Healthy Eating and Physical Coalition (HEPAC) special Q&A podcast celebrating World No Tobacco Day (May 31) 2018. 
The Importance of Best Practices for Successful Smoking Cessation - The BEAT - Latest in Heart Health and Cardiovascular Care and Research (Canada)
With the goal of highlighting recent advances in treatments to aid smoking cessation, as well as pointing out persistent myths about cessation that might be preventing doctors from providing the most effective tools to their patients, Dr. Reid and his colleagues at the Heart Institute of the University of Ottawa published the first review of smoking cessation treatment in the Canadian Medical Association Journal in over a decade.
Vaping - Counter Tobacco Podcast (USA)
This episode of the Counter Tobacco podcast explores the new trend of vaping, including how e-cigarettes work and who exactly is using them.
Can Mindfulness Help You Quit Smoking - NPR Radio Hour (USA)
Psychiatrist Judson Brewer studies how mindfulness affects addiction. He has developed treatments to help with substance abuse and eating disorders and has also studied the neural mechanisms of mindfulness.

How to Make People Quit Smoking - Freakonomics Radio Podcast (USA)
The war on cigarettes has been fairly successful in some places. But 1 billion humans still smoke — so what comes next?

Nicotine Addiction with Dr. John Dani - BrainMatters Podcast (USA)
On this episode, BrainMatters talks about addiction with Dr. John Dani, chair of the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania. The podcast touches on learning, memory, and the behaviors associated with nicotine addiction.

Why It Is Never Too Late to Quit Smoking - Podcast (USA)
In this podcast, Dr. Anthony Alberg notes that quitting smoking is not easy and yet it is something that all people who have been diagnosed with cancer should strive to do because of the health benefits.
Harmful Effects of Tobacco Marketing and Smoke on Women and Girls - World Health Organization Podcast (Switzerland)
In this episode, the World Health Organization looks at the harmful effects of tobacco marketing and smoke on women and girls. Women make up about 20% of the world's one billion smokers. However, tobacco use among women is increasing in many countries. Women are a major target for the tobacco industry, which is recruiting new users to replace current users who will die prematurely from tobacco-related diseases.
The Tobacco Epidemic - Centre for Global Development Podcast (USA)
Tobacco-related diseases cut short the lives of 100 million people last century, a number expected to surge to 1 billion this century, according to CGD senior fellow Bill Savedoff. Tobacco use has the makings of a staggering epidemic, one taking an increasing toll on low- and middle-income countries. In this podcast, Bill discusses the health costs imposed on those countries and tax policies for curbing tobacco usage. 
Tobacco: Control or Eradicate? - Centre for Global Development Podcast (USA)
A billion premature deaths this century—that’s the estimated toll of smoking. As 80% of the world’s smokers live in low- to middle-income countries, that’s a huge problem for the developing world. So what’s the solution? University of Ottawa professor David Sweanor, who helped develop Canada’s tobacco control laws, believes that smokers should be encouraged to switch to less harmful nicotine delivery systems, like e-cigarettes. But does switching our focus to harm reduction mean letting go of the “endgame”—a completely tobacco-free future?