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CAN-ADAPTT: A Complete Listing of Tools & Resources

Public Health Agency of Canada: Canadian Best Practices Portal: Tobacco Control

Expecting to Quit
A Best Practices Review of Smoking Cessation Interventions for Pregnant and Postpartum Girls and Women.

Website dedicated to improving the health of mothers, fetuses, babies and children
The Pregnets website hosts up-to-date information on smoking cessation practices for pregnant and postpartum women. The site offers a toolkit for health care professionals, a printer-friendly Nicotine Dependency Test and an anonymous Online Discussion Board.

Licit and Illicit Drug Use during Pregnancy: Maternal, Neonatal and Early Childhood Consequences

Exploding the Myths
The ‘Exploding the Myths about Nicotine Factsheet’ is designed to ensure smokers have the real facts about nicotine and build their confidence in NRT use by exploding the myths.

Tobacco Free Living
The New Brunswick Department of Social Development highlight a number of programs/resources that may be of assistance to those trying to live tobacco free.

Tobacco Free Nurses
Tobacco free nurses is a national program that builds capacity among nurses to equip them to assist patients with tobacco dependence and to become more involved in tobacco control efforts.
Database & Education Resource for Treatment of Tobacco Dependence (U.S.) presents authoritative evidence-based information about the treatment of tobacco dependence. Information is organized under these five headings: Efficacy, Safety, Demographics and Health Effects, Health Economics, and Policy

Physical Activity and Smoking Fact Sheet - For Health Care Practitioners

CDC Vital Signs: Adult Smoking Focusing on People With Mental Illness- February 2013

New Brunswick Workplace Wellness Community of Practice - Tobacco-Free Living Resources

Health in All Policies Toolkit and National Action Plan - Canadian Nurses Association

Strategies to help patients stop smoking: the optometrist's perspective
Discusses tobacco's toll on individual and public health, and presents what is currently known about cigarette smoking's risk to ocular health and what eye care professionals – specifically optometrists – can do to help address tobacco use with their patients.

Commercial Tobacco Policy Pack: Local and provincial/territorial governments