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Oromocto High School Teens Against Tobacco Use Club

Pop the question booth during NNSW                                            

Julie Carr OHS Healthy Learner Nurse

For more than 10 years, Oromocto High School's Teens Against Tobacco Use (TATU) has been promoting anti-smoking and providing education and awareness of its effects.

Each year TATU members apply a wide range of interventions and strategies during the school year, including fall presentations to Grade 9 students on the effects of tobacco. The teens also reach out to local middle schools in the spring to give Grade 7 students information on tobacco use. The goal of these presentations is to get students to work with younger students before they start smoking. This is a great example of how the group uses a population health framework to help decrease tobacco use by increasing upstream investments - in other words, getting an early start on influencing healthy behaviours.

TATU is also a proud supporter of National Non-Smoking Week. This provides a great opportunity for TATU to promote its message of living a smoke-free life.

In January, students celebrated National Non-Smoking Week with a variety of activities for students to participate in during lunch hours. Activities also included daily announcements and posters were displayed throughout the school promoting the event.

Other activities included an interactive trivia game called Pop the Question, where students popped balloons containing questions on tobacco. It was a great way to draw attention to the group's booth and students had fun learning about the effects of tobacco. A photo booth was also set up for students to take a photo with messages they wrote about tobacco use. These photos will be used for promotional posters for future events at the school.

Shanna-Lynn Neeley Gr. 12 OHS Student


Nicole Chiasson Gr. 12 OHS Student

National Non-smoking Week is a great opportunity to promote anti-tobacco use at  Oromocto High School and TATU is always looking forward to create new and exciting activities to promote its message of living your life smoke-free.

Oromocto High School and TATU members look forward to continuing to educate students within the school and community.

Article submitted by:

Julie Carr

Oromocto High School's Healthy Learner Nurse