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About Us: NBATC Structure

NBATC Structure 

The structure of the NBATC consists of different levels of contribution and commitment; the Steering Committee; Working Group Members; Networks and Community Stakeholders. 

NBATC Frequently Asked Questions Document


This group meets on a regular basis and acts on behalf of the NBATC to coordinate the implementation and evaluation of key objectives. It is comprised of individuals from organizations who have indicated a willingness to "lead" and coordinate a project or actions relating to a key objective.

The NBATC is committed to “braiding” our efforts utilizing partnerships and evidence-based information to maximize impact and sustainability. To attain an effective, coordinated, and integrated New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Strategy, the Activity Leads must demonstrate concurrence with the implementation principles by briefly describing how each principle has been fulfilled. Click “Implementation Principles” for more information.

NBATC Steering Committee Terms of Reference


Working Groups 

Working groups are groups or individuals working directly with a steering committee member on a key objective.  These members would attend meetings and/or work on activities designated by the working group as essential to achieving their objective.  Their time commitment may be short-term or long-term depending on the needs of the working group.


Networks are community level groups or individuals working on, or interested in, a similar issue. They may include those who are participating in common activities and who benefit from shared experiences, knowledge or common practices. Those who become members of a network will receive targeted information related to the area of interest.

Community Stakeholders 

Community Stakeholders are groups or individuals who are involved in anti-tobacco measures through their work or activities at the community level, but do not have the time or ability to commit to regular meetings or activities.

Community Stakeholders;

   -  provide the NBATC with up-to-date information regarding their current
      anti-tobacco activities and interests  through surveys
   -  receive and respond to correspondence regarding the NBATC
   -  receive invitations to attend Annual Forums
   -  support current partnerships
   -  help develop new opportunities to collaborate on anti-tobacco measures.