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About Us : New Brunswick's Tobacco-Free Living Strategy

New Brunswick’s Tobacco-Free Living Strategy 
A Tobacco and Smoke-Free Province for All 
2019 – 2023

6th Edition – Revised 2019

The 6th edition of New Brunswick’s Tobacco-Free Living Strategy was prepared by the New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition (NBATC) with stakeholders and key partners engaged in the process. The goal of the consultation process was to ensure the new Strategy accurately reflects the priorities of stakeholders whose work contributes to a common vision of making New Brunswick tobacco and smoke-free for all. We also wanted to ensure the updated Strategy engages new and existing partners, community groups and individuals to collaborate and work towards achieving this vision. Learn more. 

This new Strategy belongs to all New Brunswickers who value the health, wellness, social and economic benefits of tobacco-free living and smoke-free environments.

(View as PDF)

(View as PDF)

Take Action on Tobacco and Smoke-Free Living!

The NBATC is proud to be a champion of The Wellness Movement and to encourage New Brunswickers to recognize the importance of fostering wellness supporting environments for tobacco and smoke-free living – an essential part of New Brunswick’s Wellness Strategy. These supportive social and physical environments help protect non-smokers from the potential health effects and consequences of tobacco and vapour products use, increase the chances of success for loved ones on their quit smoking journey, and limit everyone’s exposure to dangerous second and third-hand smoke.

Everyone in New Brunswick can be a champion! Together, we can work towards the vision of a tobacco and smoke-free province for all New Brunswickers. Coordinated actions contribute to the development of healthier communities, workplaces, schools, homes, and individuals. By pooling resources, expertise, knowledge and experience, we can make positive changes.

Start by reviewing the goals of New Brunswick’s Tobacco-Free Living Strategy and reflecting on where you or your organization can make the most difference. 

Explore reliable sources of information to help with provincial or local planning such as;

  • A variety of Canadian Surveys on Tobacco Use and Smoking, published by Statistics Canada (provide provincial information with national comparators to help support province-wide action);
  • The Community Health Profiles, published by the New Brunswick Health Council (include information on smoking and tobacco use provincially and by community, to help support local action).

Connect with the NBATC for help in identifying ways to take action on tobacco and smoke-free living at work, home and in the community, or with efforts that are already underway.

Get inspired by the success stories related to tobacco and smoke-free living that are regularly profiled on the NBATC’s website and in its monthly e-newsletter. These stories are also shared with The Wellness Movement.

Sign up to the NBATC's email list and visit the NBATC's Facebook and Twitter accounts to be kept up to date on the latest news, resources and learning opportunities. 

Download the NBATC’s communication tools, available below, to use on your own website, social media and other communications.

Participate in the NBATC’s #TobaccoAndSmokeFree #ForAll social media engagement activity to showcase how you, your school, workplace, organization, or community group plan to take action. 

Share the story of the great work you are doing to support and promote tobacco and smoke-free living for all New Brunswickers and how you are contributing to The Wellness Movement. Make sure to use the hashtags #TobaccoAndSmokeFree #ForAll and / or #WellnessLivesHere on social media to link with other initiatives taking place throughout the province.

All actions, big or small, will help create a tobacco and smoke-free province for everyone in New Brunswick.


Communication Tools
1) "Wellness Lives Here" Graphic

(PNG format)

Download this graphic to use on your communication tools - printed and online - to showcase the fact that your work is helping to shape, create and foster supportive environments for tobacco and smoke-free living in New Brunswick. By doing so, you are also contributing to The Wellness Movement


2) Share Your Commitment on Social Media (#TobaccoAndSmokeFree #ForAll Engagement Activity) 

(PDF - prints on 11x17 paper)
(PDF - prints on 8.5x11 paper)

Print this pledge sheet at home, school, or work, and write down an action item you, your organization, school, workplace or community can do to help make New Brunswick tobacco and smoke-free for all. Then take a photo of you and/or your group with this pledge sheet and share it with us via any of the means listed below.

Keep your pledge sheet with you - hang it proudly on your wall! This is a great way to showcase you and/or your group's commitment and contribution to tobacco and smoke-free wellness! Wellness Lives Here! 

This is also a great motivational activity to do with children, youth and young adults as part of smoking prevention/education (pledge to live tobacco-free, pledge to not start using vaping products, pledge to educate themselves on the risks of smoking and vaping, etc) and with patients looking to quit smoking (pledge to quit smoking, set goals, set a quit date, etc.).

Not sure what to write on your pledge sheet? 
We have some ideas here to inspire you!

Make sure to share your photo with us - there are many ways to do so! 

Post your photo to your Facebook account and tag us @LiveTobaccoFreeNB or simply use the hashtag #TobaccoAndSmokeFree #ForAll and/or
#WellnessLivesHere. We will be able to find your photo and to like and share it. 


Post your photo to your Twitter account and tag us @NBTAC_CATNB or simply use the hashtags #TobaccoAndSmokeFree #ForAll and/or #WellnessLivesHere. We will be able to find your photo and re-tweet it. 



Send your photo to