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Making My Outdoor Event Smoke-Free

Updated - April 2019


  1. Making My Outdoor Event Smoke-Free Guide

  2. Smoke-Free Outdoor Event Tools: 
    2.1    Social Media 
    2.2    Sample Signage
  3.  Smoke-Free Event Success Stories

Making My Outdoor Event Smoke-Free
A Guide for Event Planners, Organizers, and Volunteers

As you plan your outdoor community event, there are many things to think about. This guide is designed to help you with your planning, and to help make your outdoor community event smoke-free. 

Outdoor events provide a wonderful opportunity for community activity and engagement. Most New Brunswickers don’t want to breathe in second-hand smoke. Creating a smoke-free outdoor event protects people, especially children, from exposure to dangerous second-hand smoke. 

This guide was originally launched in January 2015. The legalization of cannabis in Canada in 2018 and the increasing popularity of vapour products over recent years pose new challenges regarding the promotion and respect of wellness supportive tobacco and smoke-free environments. The guide has been revised and relaunched in April 2019 to reflect these new challenges and address. 



Smoke-Free Outdoor Event Tools 

Social Media

If you are promoting your event via a website and/or social media, be sure to indicate that your event is smoke-free. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other forms of social media to talk about your event and let people know in advance that it will be smoke-free. This guide presents some tips and tools to get you started.


Social Media Images

You can use these social media images, or create your own, to go along with your promotional social media posts






Sample Signage 

You can use the following signs and banners to show that your event is smoke-free.

All our signs were designed to include space where organizations and community groups can add in their name, logo and/or event name, if they desire.

Welcome to Our Smoke-Free Event Signs
(prints 8.5 x 11):



Welcome to Our Smoke-Free Event Banners
(prints 24 x 48) 



Smoke-Free Event Success Stories

Support is building across New Brunswick for smoke-free outdoor events. The majority of recent outdoor community events, such as the provincial Parks and Trails Day, have been smoke-free. Read about them here: