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Cannabis and Young Adults: New Brochure from Health Canada

Aug 23, 2017

Cannabis and Young Adults: New Brochure from Health Canada

As part of a Cannabis Public Education Campaign, Health Canada partnered with Drug Free Kids Canada to support the Cannabis Talk Kit, a tool designed to provide parents with information to talk with their teens about cannabis. Please feel welcome to pass this information on to your organization’s members, post on your website, share through social media, or on bulletin boards.   

As you may already be aware, Canada’s youth have some of the world’s highest rates of cannabis consumption. In 2015, 21% of youth and 30% of young adults reported using cannabis within the last year. We also know that all mind-altering substances — including cannabis — are harmful to the still-developing teen brain.  
Parents can play an important role in influencing their teens’ lifestyle choices, including decisions about substance use. That’s why it is important that parents have up-to-date information about cannabis and to engage in ongoing conversations with their kids. The Cannabis Talk Kit presents some of the questions teens might pose or arguments they might make about cannabis and provides guidance to parents on how they might respond.  
For more information and download the Cannabis Talk Kit, please visit or the Drug Free Kids Canada’ website. Printed copies can also be ordered online from Health Canada

Thank you for helping to keep Canadians safe and healthy!