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National Non-Smoking Week Contest: "Show Us Your Smoke-Free Spaces!"

Feb 14, 2016

National Non-Smoking Week Contest: "Show Us Your Smoke-Free Spaces!"

Celebrate National Non-Smoking Week !
(January 17-23, 2016)

"Show Us Your Smoke-Free Spaces!" Contest

Congratulations to Karen McGraw from Oromocto, New Brunswick. Karen is the winner of the NBATC's "Show Us Your Smoke-Free Spaces!" Twitter Contest. Karen shared many photos on Twitter of smoke-free signs found in her community of Oromocto as well as in the neighbouring city of Fredericton. Bravo Karen!
The New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition(NBATC) is celebrating National Non-Smoking Week (January 17-23, 2016) by inviting New Brunswickers to show their pride and support of their communities' smoke-free spaces.

New Brunswick made significant gains in the fight against tobacco last year when the government announced amendments to the Smoke-free Places Act, which came into effect July 1, 2015. Smoking, as well as the use of e-cigarettes and water pipes, is now banned in a variety of outdoor public spaces, including:
  • On patios where food and/or alcohol is served and within 3m from the patio boundary;
  • 9m from doorways, windows and air intakes of public buildings;
  • On outdoor playgrounds and within 20m of their perimeters (examples: slides, swings, climbing structures, splash pads, wading pools, sand boxes);
  • On outdoor sports and recreational areas including spectator stands and within 20m of their perimeters (examples: tennis courts, baseball fields, soccer fields, swimming pools, beaches, skateboard parks, skating rinks);
  • On public walking trails and within 9m of the trail; and
  • In provincial parks (except in designated smoking areas, golf courses and on occupied campsites).
With it's "Show Us Your Smoke-Free Spaces! Contest", the NBATC invites New Brunswickers to share photos of smoke-free and non-smoking signs they spot in their community. The goal is to shine a spotlight on the many outdoor public spaces, including entrances and exits to public buildings, that are now smoke-free under the revised legislation, and to remind us all of the importance of respecting these new smoke-free zones and spaces. To participate, citizens can post their photo on Twitter describing the smoke-fee space where the sign is situated and using hashtag #SmokeFreeNB from January 17th to February 14, 2016. A $50 prize will be drawn among participants.