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HEPAC Webinar: What is Physical Literacy?

Sep 29, 2015

Webinar: What is Physical Literacy?

Presented by the Healthy Eating Physical Activity Coalition (HEPAC)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015
12pm ADT

Childhood obesity and rising inactivity among children threatens the future health of Canada. For kids to get physically active, they need to feel confident in activity settings. That confidence stems from having learned fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills – physical literacy – as a child.  So what is this physical literacy term everyone keeps talking about? 

This webinar has for objective of providing:

  • an understanding of what physical literacy is
  • an understanding of what role physical literacy plays in health
  • an examination of the various definitions of physical literacy
  • an identification of the components of physical literacy
  • an understanding of the factors that are required to improve physical literacy across the lifespan and in various sectors
  • information about the tools available to assess physical literacy
  • an introduction to various tools, resources and methods that can assist with developing physical literacy in your programs
Registration and more information: