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Get the facts on cannabis: A message from Health Canada

Jul 4, 2019

Get the facts on cannabis: A message from Health Canada

Health Canada would appreciate your help in raising awareness about the health facts related to cannabis. Please feel welcome to pass this information on to your organization’s members or post on your website and share through social media.

  • Visit our Get the Facts page, to find out about cannabis and your health, cannabis and the border, the risks of impairment on the road and at work, and how laws and regulations will impact your business.    
  • Check out our updated Cannabis education resources page, where you will find fact sheets, videos, and information for youth, parents, teachers, pregnant or breastfeeding individuals, health professionals and more.   
  • Build your own event for youth, using materials from the Pursue Your Passion website, creating thought-provoking activities, and inspiring participants to pursue a passion without the use of cannabis.

Thank you for helping to spread the word about this important subject.