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NB Lung Association Chronic Cough Campaign

Jan 20, 2019

NB Lung Association Chronic Cough Campaign

Over the past three years, New Brunswick has greatly improved diagnosis and care for patients with COPD. However, there are still many doctors not sending smokers or past smokers for lung function testing to determine if they have COPD or for low dose CT scans, which can catch lung cancer at a much earlier stage than can x-rays. Earlier diagnoses can help people with COPD and lung cancer live longer and better lives.

During January and February, the New Brunswick Lung Association is running a Chronic Cough Awareness Campaign. If you have a cough that lasts more than 3 weeks, (not associated with a cold or the flu) or you are over 40 and have smoked, you should take the Chronic Cough Test.

Click here to take the Chronic Cough Test. 

If you have questions about your chronic cough that’s lasted more than three weeks or has changed over time call Barbara Walls, BN. M.Ed. (Adult) Director of Health Promotion at 1-800-565-5864 Ext. 107, or contact Chantal Babineau – Clark, RRT, 1-506-476-1618 for services in French.