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Health Canada Seeks Testimonials for Tobacco Package Warnings

Nov 20, 2018

Health Canada Seeks Testimonials for Tobacco Package Warnings

Health Canada is currently looking for volunteers to share true stories about how their health and lives have been impacted by tobacco use. Since 2011, personal stories, or testimonials, have been displayed on labels of tobacco product packaging. These testimonials help inform Canadians and raise awareness about the serious health risks of tobacco use and the benefits of quitting.

Do you or someone you know, have a personal story to share which demonstrates the impact of tobacco use, exposure to second-hand smoke, or quitting? Examples of serious health effects of tobacco use include: lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, emphysema or bronchitis, mouth and throat cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder

Would you be willing to have this personal story potentially featured on tobacco packages and/or video-recorded for Health Canada tobacco cessation or other media campaigns?

If you or someone you know is interested in sharing their story, please contact Health Canada’s Tobacco Control Directorate by email: or by phone: 613-716-3513.

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