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World No Tobacco Day - May 31 2018

May 28, 2018

World No Tobacco Day - May 31 2018

World Health Organization World No Tobacco Day Campaign
Every year, on May 31st, the World Health Organizations (WHO) and partners mark World No Tobacco Day, highlighting the health and other risks associated with tobacco use, and advocating for effective policies to reduce tobacco consumption.

The focus of World No Tobacco Day 2018 is "Tobacco and Heart Disease." 
Read the WHO news release. 



New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition Infographic on Tobacco and Heart Health
The New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition (NBATC) has produced an infographic to mark World No Tobacco Day which showcases the link between tobacco and heart disease, the benefits of quitting smoking for your heart's health and why it is important to have heart-healthy tobacco-free spaces for everyone. Download and print a copy to share in your networks or forward it via email and like and share our Facebook and Twitter posts presenting this infographic. 

Download PDF version.
View the infographic online.
(Note: Click on the "Presentation" button for full-screen display.)


Podcast -Tobacco and Heart Health
The NBATC and the Heart & Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick were invited to talk about Tobacco and Heart Health during a Healthy Eating and Physical Coalition (HEPAC) Q&A podcast.

Podcasts are like radio shows but they can be listened to on your schedule - whenever you want! Many people like to listen to podcasts while out for a walk or on their daily commute to work in the car or bus. Podcasts are a great way to access information and learn new things. They are also fun to listen to just for entertainment. Once you download a podcast, you can either listen to it on your computer or take it with you by transferring it to a portable digital media player or using a podcast app on your phone. 

Listen to this podcast:
We also invite you to subscribe to HEPAC's very popular Q&A podcast series to listen to previous podcasts and be notified of new podcasts that are produced!
New Brunswick Health Council Infographic on Heart Health
The New Brunswick Health Council has produced an infographic on heart health.
According to statistics presented in this infographic, New Brunswick has higher rates of avoidable deaths from preventable causes than the national average. Heart disease ranks number 2 among them. The infographic presents tips on what we can do to prevent heart disease and stroke in our communities. One of the action items people can take to lower the risk of heart disease and stroke is, of course, quitting smoking. 

Download the infographic. (PDF format)