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Mental Health Week - May 7-13, 2018

May 7, 2018

Mental Health Week - May 7-13, 2018


The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) invites all Canadians to #GetLoud about mental health this week. Mental Health is more than being happy all the time. It’s about feeling good about who you are, having balance in your life, and managing life’s highs and lows. Everyone deserves to feel well, whatever their mental health experience. And we all need a support system to lean on. 

The New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition (NBATC) knows that positive mental health contributes to healthy lifestyle choices, such as choosing not to smoke nor use tobacco products. So during this Mental Health week, the NBATC will be drawing attention via its Facebook and Twitter accounts on the fact that choosing not to smoke or taking that first step towards quitting smoking is one of the many ways Canadians can work towards improving their mental health. 

View the CMHA Mental Health Week website for more information.