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Winners Announced - National Non-Smoking Week #SayNoToTobacco Facebook Contest!

Jan 31, 2018

Winners Announced - National Non-Smoking Week #SayNoToTobacco Facebook Contest!

The NBATC is proud to announce the winners of its National Non-Smoking Week #SayNoToTobacco Facebook Contest, held January 21-27, 2018.

To participate, New Brunswickers had to comment below one of the National Non-Smoking Week Contest promotions on the Live Tobacco-Free in New Brunswick Facebook page by sharing why they are proud to live tobacco-free. All comments would be considered for a $50 prize draw. 

New Brunswickers could also enter to win $100 for themselves and a friend by tagging a friend who is currently thinking of quitting smoking, in the process of quitting smoking or has quit smoking and sending this friend words of encouragement and admiration.

Over 100 entries were received. We were truly inspired by the beautiful comments which celebrated tobacco-free living and created a community of support for people on their tobacco-free living journey.  

$50 Winner 

Marlene O’Neill (Waasis, NB)

The winning entry for the $50 prize was received from Marlene O'Neill, who was eager to take advantage of the contest to share the fact that she had recently quit smoking and was still going strong 5 months into her quit smoking journey. Marlene shared a bit more of her story as well as her motivations for quitting smoking once contacted by the NBATC. 

“I had pneumonia in August 2017 and I had one round of antibiotics and steroids and I wasn't getting better. I was getting worse and I was put on a much stronger antibiotic. They told me I might have an underlying disease like COPD. I have a very dear friend die of a massive heart attack last January and he also had COPD. I have 3-year-old twin grandchildren and I don't want them to grow up seeing me on oxygen so I decided right then that I was done!" - Marlene O'Neill

Truly inspiring! Thank you and congratulations Marlene! Keep it up!

$100 Winners

Valérie Doiron St-Coeur (Brantville, NB) and her friend Josée Mallais (Tracadie-Sheila, NB)

The winning entry for the $100 cash prizes was received from Valérie Doiron St-Coeur who tagged her friend Josée Mallais. The #SayNoToTobacco contest truly resonated with Valérie because she has had cystic fibrosis since childhood and her lungs' health had deteriorated so much that she would have died had she not received a double lung transplant as a young adult in 2014. Valérie has spent a lot of time being hospitalized and has thus seen first hand the effects of tobacco use on other patients in the pulmonary care unit. She advises friends and loved ones to take care of their lungs! Her close friend Josée was inspired to quit thanks to her story and is now 2 years tobacco-free. Josée continues to draw inspiration from Valérie to keep going strong. What an amazing duo! Congratulations Valérie and Josée and keep spreading the love for tobacco-free living!

"I find it important to remind people to keep their lungs healthy. Without our lungs, we cannot live. I have seen too many people while I was in the hospital die of lung cancer. I don't want anyone with healthy lungs to have to go through what I went through because they choose to smoke and damaged their lungs. Lungs are too precious, please everyone, say no to tobacco!" -Valérie Doiron St-Coeur

"I decided to stop smoking because it's not good for my health. But really, it is Valérie who inspired me. I cannot imagine what she had to go through because of her disease. I was blessed with healthy lungs, so I felt I needed to quit right away for my own health and also for my children's sake." - Josée Mallais


The NBATC will be profiling these winners as part of its Tobacco-Free Living Champions series in the coming months - stay tuned!  :)