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Media Advisory: New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition Celebrates National Non-Smoking Week 2018 with #SayNoToTobacco Facebook Contest

Jan 18, 2018

Media Advisory: New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition Celebrates National Non-Smoking Week 2018 with #SayNoToTobacco Facebook Contest

Media Advisory
January 18, 2018

The New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition(NBATC) is celebrating National Non-Smoking Week (January 21-27, 2018) with its #SayNoToTobacco Facebook contest, which aims to foster pride in tobacco-free living and a sense of community of support towards helping smokers on their tobacco-free living journey. The contest reminds people that they are not alone in their quit smoking journey and that the Smokers’ Helpline can be of assistance. 

Why is it important to encourage New Brunswickers to quit smoking and support them in their tobacco-free living journey?

Smoking rates remain relatively high in New Brunswick. According to Statistics Canada, 92,100 New Brunswickers are daily smokers. This number is up from previous years. This is alarming considering the fact that smoking is an entirely preventable risk factor for lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, chronic respiratory disease, and other conditions.

Nicotine creates such a powerful addiction that often just one cigarette is enough to create a lifetime of addiction. For many people, quitting smoking is the hardest thing they will ever do. If a smoker decides to quit, they are more likely to be successful when friends and family offer their help and support. Sharing how much you admire your friend or loved one for trying to quit smoking and offering encouragement and support can make a big difference. 

Your friend or loved one may also need smoking cessation aids and professional tips and tools to help manage their nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms. One of the best smoking cessation resources available and accessible to all is the Smokers' Helpline. Smokers' Helpline offers plenty of proven, free and personalized tools, as well as guidance from Quit Coaches, to help people quit smoking successfully online and by phone at 1-877-513-3333.

How to participate in the #SayNoToTobacco Facebook contest

To participate in the contest, simply like the Live Tobacco-Free in New Brunswick Facebook page and look for the contest promotions during National Non-Smoking Week.

Comment below one of the contest posts. Tell us why you are proud to live tobacco-free using the hashtag #SayNoToTobacco and share the post. Your name will be entered for a $50 cash prize draw. One entry per every comment you make.

Want even more chances to win? Spread the love for tobacco-free living by tagging a friend who is currently thinking of quitting smoking, in the process of quitting smoking or has quit smoking. Tell your friend why you are proud of them for making the decision to start their quit smoking journey or for having successfully quit smoking. You and your friend’s names will automatically be entered into our contest draw - both of you could receive a $100 cash prize! Tag as many friends as you would like – each tag earns you and the friend you tag an entry into our contest.

Contest closes January 27, 2018. Winners will be announced before January 31, 2018.