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New Smokers' Helpline Website!

Dec 1, 2017

New Smokers' Helpline Website!

In the past year, over 84,000 people have visited for information & support about quitting smoking. Today, the NEW website is live! 

Some of the new features include:

New Quit Plan
Based on the Canadian Cancer Society’s One Step at a Time series of quitting booklets, the new Quit Plan takes users through preparation, quitting, and staying smoke-free with exercises and information proven to help.

Client Dashboard
Clients see their quit progress every time they log in with the new Dashboard. Tracking savings and health improvements is automatic, and sharing them is easy with integrated Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ buttons. Clients can track progress in the Quit Plan, and even request a call from a Smokers’ Helpline Quit Coach or register for Text Support right from the Dashboard. 

New support e-mails
On sign-up, clients begin receiving e-mail support. The emails deliver relevant tips and information about what to expect from quitting at every step along the way. By setting a quit date, e-mails will alert to the challenges at each step, and remind clients to celebrate the big milestones. 

Community Forums
The heart of, the Community Forums, has returned with a refreshed look and much needed mobile-friendly responsive design. 

Online Healthcare client referral form
Healthcare providers will be able to use a new online form to refer their clients for service from Smokers’ Helpline phone-based support. 

Online SHL materials ordering
Healthcare partners will have access to a new online order form for Smokers’ Helpline promotional and program print materials for direct delivery. Download links for print-it-yourself options are also more easily available.

Client self-referral to phone and text message support
To encourage more cross-utilization of services, and to provide greater options to our clients, users will now be able to request a call from a quit coach and to register for text support directly from their account.

Coming soon – Live chat support via text message
Soon, Smokers‘ Helpline will be enabling chat support with a live Quit Coach via text message.

Smokers who are seeking help and support to quit smoking can register for a FREE account at and check out the new features that will bring them closer to a #smokefree life.