FREDERICTON (GNB) – The provincial government’s legislative framework for recreational-use cannabis was introduced today in anticipation of the federal government legalizing such use by July 2018.

The framework includes three new acts and amendments to two existing acts.

Following is a summary of the legislation introduced:

  • A new Cannabis Management Corporation Act would establish in legislation the Cannabis Management Corporation, a Crown corporation charged with the oversight, organization, conduct, management and control of retail sales of recreational-use cannabis. Measures included in this act would dissolve the numbered company that was incorporated in September to fulfil this role. The act transitions all of the numbered company’s roles and responsibilities to the Cannabis Management Corporation.
  • A new Cannabis Control Act would control the consumption and use of recreational cannabis. It would establish the legal age for the purchase, consumption and cultivation of recreational cannabis at 19 and outline general restrictions on consumption and possession.
  • A new Cannabis Education and Awareness Fund Act would establish a fund to support research and the development, implementation and delivery of education and awareness programs for harm reduction and the responsible use of cannabis for recreational purposes.
  • Amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act would establish a drug-impaired driving program.

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