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Webinar: “Learn to Run for Smokers” – New Brunѕwick Anti-Tobacco Coalition – 2015

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With Brigitte Ouellette, Respiratory Therapist and Certified Respiratory Educator at Vitalité Health Network. Brigitte describes the highly successful Learn to Run for Smokers program [...]

Webinar: “We Do Not Smoke But Some of Us Are More Susceptible than Others: A Multilevel Analysis of a Sample of Canadian Youth in Grades 9 to 12.” – New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition – 2015

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With Dr. Susan Kaai. Smoking susceptibility has been found to be a strong predictor of experimental smoking. This paper examined which student- and school-level [...]

Webinar: “Electronic Cigarette Use Among Quebec High School Students”- New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition -2015

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With Annie Montreuil, PhD, public health researcher at Institut national de santé publique du Québec.  This study is one of the first allowing an [...]

Webinar: “Breathing Easy: Smoke-Free Outdoor Public Spaces and Events in New Brunswick” – New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition – 2016

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With Nina van der Pluijm, Senior Program and Policy Advisor, Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, New Brunswick Department of Health. This [...]

Webinar: “Mise en oeuvre d’une politique sans fumée sur les campus d’établissements postsecondaires” – New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition – 2018 (AVAILABLE ONLY IN FRENCH)


With François Boutot, CCNB Edmundston Campus Director. The CCNB Edmundston campus is the first post-secondary institution campus in New Brunswick to implement a 100% [...]

Webinar: “Implementing a Smoke-Free Policy on Post-Secondary Campuses” – New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition – 2018

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With Heather McCully, Health Promotion Specialist, City of Hamilton. Heather supported McMaster University's groundbreaking 100% Tobacco & Smoke-Free Policy as well as the policy process [...]

Be Part of The Wellness Movement with a Smoke-Free Campus! The NBATC Can Help! – New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition – 2019

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Presentation encouraging New Brunswick campuses to adopt comprehensive 100% smoke-free environment policies. PDF

Webinar: “Smoking Cessation and the Workplace” – New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition – 2015

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With Louiѕe Chenier, Workplace Health and Wellness Research with the Leadership and Human Resources Research Division of The Conference Board of Canada. Webinar discusses [...]

Podcast: “Tobacco and Heart Health” – NBATC, Heart & Stroke Foundation NB and HEPAC – 2018

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The NBATC and the Heart & Stroke Foundation of NB talk about the effects of tobacco on your heart's health as well as what [...]