Success Stories 2017

/Success Stories 2017

Information and life-skills to prevent smoking in children: the success story of the St. Joseph’s Community Health Centre


The St. Joseph's Community Health Centre in Saint John  Kathy London Anthony works as a community health nurse at the St. Joseph's Community Health [...]

Let the students choose their path: the Ridgeview Middle School success story


The Ridgeview Middle School teaches 289 students from grades 6 to 8 in the Oromocto region. Wendy Carlisle, the school coordinator, with Julie Carr [...]

A group effort at school and in the community: the success story of Fundy High School


Sarah Morgan-Lee is a science and math teacher at Fundy High School. She also works with the school's Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) group. [...]

A Father and Artist’s Journey to Becoming Smoke-Free: Patrick Hardy’s Story


Patrick Hardy, 42, is a well-known spokesperson for autism, thanks to a book series called My Friend Sam, which presents the daily struggles that [...]

The Journey Into Motherhood as a Catalyst for Embracing a Healthier Tobacco-Free Lifestyle: Four New Brunswick Women Share Their Story.


Most people who have recently quit smoking will agree that getting over a nicotine addiction requires a lot of determination. You must not only [...]

Tobacco Is Harmful to Animals Too: Embracing Tobacco-Free Living Is the Best Thing Pet Owners Can Do!


The harmful effects of second-hand cigarette smoke are well known, which is why many smokers will refrain or are asked to refrain from smoking [...]

”Run to Quit” Helps New Brunswickers Get Active to Overcome their Nicotine Addiction


Moncton Quit Coaches Christian Jasper (left) and Cindy Johnson (right) pose with Running Room founder John Stanton (centre). Physical activity is often recommended by [...]