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New Cessation Website for NB

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World No Tobacco Day 2021


31 May is World No Tobacco Day This yearly celebration informs the public on the dangers of using tobacco, the business practices of tobacco [...]

Smoking, Vaping and Tobacco – Health Canada

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Learn about vaping, tobacco products, effects of smoking, second-hand smoke, prevention and quitting. Website

Health Coaches – Live Well / Bien Vivre

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Live Well | Bien Vivre (LW|BV) is a Health Coaching program residing with Heart and Stroke Foundation New Brunswick and funded by the Government [...]

The Wellness Movement – Wellness Tip Card – Tobacco-Free Living – 2019

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A tip card about tobacco-free living, one of the focus areas of The Wellness Movement. PDF

The Wellness Movement – Seniors

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The Wellness Movement for seniors is growing in New Brunswick! This web page connects you with local wellness groups, tools and resources catered to [...]

The Wellness Movement – Connect with Wellness in your Region

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The Wellness Movement’s regional webpages make it easy to connect with your local Wellness Networks, and stay informed about wellness initiatives happening near you. [...]

Podcast: “Why It Is Never Too Late to Quit Smoking” – Cancer.net – 2017

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In this podcast, Dr. Anthony Alberg notes that quitting smoking is not easy and yet it is something that all people who have been [...]

Smoking Cessation Program – Horizon Health Network

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New Brunswickers accessing care at facilities in Horizon Health Network will be offered smoking cessation support from a healthcare provider during their visit. [...]

FREE Smoking Cessation Clinic – Vitalité Health Network

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The Smoking Cessation Clinic provides individual consultations to those who want to stop smoking or vaping. Overcome nicotine dependance Quit smoking Quit vaping If [...]

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