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World Restart a Heart Day

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o  We know that the vast majority of cardiac arrests occur outside the hospital. o  We know that most people experiencing a cardiac arrest in this situation don't survive. o  We [...]

WHO – Tobacco responsible for 20% of deaths from coronary heart disease worldwide

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Every year, 1.9 million people die from tobacco-induced heart disease, according to a new brief released today by the World Health Organization, World Heart [...]

Know the Risks for Heart Disease and Stroke, by Community – New Brunswick Health Council – 2018

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Prevention is the key to reducing heart disease and stroke, and it starts with knowing the risks. The following indicators are all linked to [...]

Podcast: “Tobacco and Heart Health” – NBATC, Heart & Stroke Foundation NB and HEPAC – 2018

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The NBATC and the Heart & Stroke Foundation of NB talk about the effects of tobacco on your heart's health as well as what [...]

Tobacco and Heart Health – New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition – 2017

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Fact sheet addressing the effects of tobacco, the advantages of quitting smoking and how tobacco-free environments help protect everyone’s heart health. [...]

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