We’d like to share some exciting updates to our youth vaping prevention campaign!

This year’s advertising campaign runs from February 22 until March 21 2021 and features 10 second cuts of our existing video advertisement that drive to new content:

  1. Advertisements on Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, and Native Touch invite teens to visit our redesigned campaign page at canada.ca/vaping-info, featuring:
  • testimonials from teens;
  • new content on peer pressure;
  • new 10 second videos and
  • a FAQ page with answers to teens’ questions
  1. Advertisements on Facebook and through search engine marketing, invite parents of teens to learn more at the new page: Preventing kids and teens from vaping.

How you can help

Check-out the collection of youth vaping prevention resources, including our new 10 second videos. Please feel free to utilize and share these resources to expand the reach of the campaign in your jurisdiction.

A virtual tour update

  • The Consider the consequences of vaping tour continues to host virtual sessions for high school students across Canada.
  • Students learn the latest on the harms and risks associated with teen vaping, while completing interactive activities. Anonymous questions that are collected are then answered by Health Canada and shared through the school.
  • Fall 2020: Hosted 54 virtual sessions.
  • Winter projection: 224 virtual sessions.