Health Canada has been working with a youth advisory body, the Youth Leadership Team (YLT) for several years, to support the work of implementing activities under Canada’s Tobacco Strategy.

The role of YLT members include:

  • To provide advice on new and existing tobacco control/vaping programs, activities and resources for youth and young adults;
  • To bring forth ideas, suggestions, concerns and comments on tobacco control and vaping issues from the youth and young adult perspective;
  • To share information and knowledge of programs directed at youth and young adults across Canada; and,
  • To be actively involved and participate in conferences, events, activities and programs related to various youth and young adults tobacco/vaping issues at national and regional levels as well as in their communities and schools.

We are currently recruiting members, aged 16 to 22, for the following provinces/territories:

  • Saskatchewan
  • New Brunswick
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Ontario
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nunavut
  • Nova Scotia
  • Québec

Health Canada is continuing to work the Students Commission of Canada (SCC) to maximise the engagement and the work of the YLT. The SCC is a national charitable organization that purposely works with others to ensure that young people’s voices are heard and valued so that they can put their ideas for improving themselves, their communities and their country into action.

Interested individuals can contact the Students Commission of Canada, as they are coordinating the recruitment process. They can be reached: