Smoke-free campus policies that make it easier for people to resist and quit smoking can have a tremendous impact on the health of an entire campus community! This website presents tools and resources, including a guidebook, that Canadian post-secondary institutions can use to develop and implement their own smoke-free policies and strategies.

  • DropBox ToolBox –
    The Dropbox houses the Smoke-Free Campus guidebook, policy tools (e.g. a sample comprehensive smoke-free policy template), key research articles, and resources shared by health units and universities/colleges who have implemented 100% SF policies. Although this work was developed with Ontario campuses in mind, much of it is transferable and all Canadian post-secondary institutions are invited to download and use these free resources.
  • Making Campuses Smoke-Free: A Guide to Action
    The Making Campuses Smoke-Free Guide outlines what a smoke-free campus can look like and summarizes four key messages about smoking on campus to support and encourage students and stakeholders to become leaders in these efforts.